This Summer

I am so excited for this summer, I get to go to Seattle,Washington! I get to visit my new baby cousin, Kian and visit my other cousins too. When we are in Seattle we might go to Victoria in Canada. In Canada we are going to go to a resort and go to the pool. Also, go horse back riding which sounds exciting. When we go back to Seattle we would stay there for about 3 nights at my aunt’s and uncle’s house. Then after that we go down south andgo to Portland, Oregon to see old friends and visit my home town. When we come back to Seattle it is the first week of July so on July fouth we are going to the space Needle and see the sparkling fireworks. Four days after we have to leave Seattle and come back home. That is what I am doing during the first part of  the Summer.

Happy National Best Friends Day!


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Happy National Best Friends Day! I want to give shoutouts to my best friends since it’s National Best Friends Day.


Namitha’s Blog– She makes me laugh and she always has a smile on her face.


Mariya’s Blog– She was my best friend in third an fourth grade and she will always be one of my close friends.


Rhea’s BlogShe is funny, sweet and nice. We also like to joke around with each other which is fun too!


Samantha’s BlogShe is my best friend in the whole entire world!

Sahar’s Blog She is nice, sweet and always makes me laugh.



Writting Prompts

I got this prompt from Courtney so go check out her blog >>>>

Dear mom,

I had the best time at Disney World.  Let me tell you what I did.  I got a keychain and necklace at a gift shop.  I also got a charm bracelet. I went on my favorite ride Splash Mountain, I got soaked and wet! I also got the family Mickey Mouse ears I got you red, Noeleia pink and dad blue. I took a picture with Gaston yeasterday he was really funny and of course rude too. In Hollywood Studios I went on the Star Tours and Toy story Mania with my friends and I got the highest score. I also went on the scariest rides Rock’n Roller Coaster and Hollywood Tower of Terror I screamed a lot. I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to see you in five days. See you soon!


Leilani Dellinger


let the sand relax your mind

let the sand tickle your feet

let the sand build your imagination

the sand can make you a mermaid

the sand makes your hands dirty

the sand with its’ beautiful yellow, can be other colors like green, or purple

let the sand make your day better

and I love the sand

This poem is inspired by Langston Hughes April Rain Song

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. CASTAWAY.Creative Commons License Ronald Saunders via Compfight

My favorite ride at the happiest place on earth

My favorite ride at Disney World is Splash Mountain. My favorite part about that ride is that you get soak and wet right after drop. This December, was my first time going on Splash Mountain. I was really nervous about the big drop because I am not a big fan of heights and big drops.  Here are some reasons Splash Mountain is my favorite ride on the happiest place on earth.

When you’re waiting in line you see wanted signs for the rabbit. The music is so much fun to dance in line! I like the story of the ride too, before the drop the story sucks you in and you forget about the big drop. That happened to me I was paying attention  to the story most of the time and I forgot all about the drop.  Also, the drop fits perfectly with the plot of the story. Right after you get soaked and wet, you get into a cave and there are dancing birds and the hare didn’t get caught by the bear and the fox.  When you get off the log you feel good that you survived the big drop.

That is my favorite ride at Disney World. Comment below what your favorite ride at any Disney Park is!

FINALLY! ...{EXPLORE}... Tony Tran via Compfight

Here is the link to watch the full ride of Splash Mountain


I Have Never

I have never eaten a kiwi

I have never eaten ants

I have never done the Bean Boozled challenge

I never eaten warheads


I have never been to a water park

I have never sang on stage alone

I have never volunteered for a charity

I have never had the super power to fly


I have never had a mean teacher

I have never eaten anything rotten

I have never been in a Disney movie

I have never met a minion


I have never been to a Michigan

I have never been to Universal Studios in Florida

I have never been to the San Diego

I have never stopped being me.

Where I am From

I am from Portland, Oregon

from the city as beautiful as roses in full bloom.

I am from my baby blanket as purple as a plum

from the warmth of the sun on nice summer day.

I am from my mom the Negrito’s

from the Pacific islands of the Philippines and Guam.

I am from my dad the Dellinger’s

from the capital cities of “the District” and Tokyo.

I am from my dad’s service to our country in Afghanistan

from the sad nights on Guam where I cried myself to sleep.

I am from happiness of my family being reunited

from the feeling of be whole again.

I am from taking professional photos with our camera

from dancing to Hannah Montanna’s songs.

I am from making funny noises making my baby sister laugh

from taking care of my baby otter.

I am from practicing dance all week

from singing in the shower for an hour.

I am from cooking millions of meals everyday

from laughing my head off watching youtube videos.

I am from the most loving family in the world

from having the most caring friends.

I am from walking the cutest pet I know

from making arts and crafts with my sister.

That is where I’m from, where are you from?

One Little Word

My word is admire this word is a strong word to me. I need to admire the things that I have; a house, food and money. But some other families aren’t that fortunate as me.  I choose this word because I want to admire the things I have than complain about objects I don’t have. I could go to shelters and give them food and good clothes.  That is why I choose this special word admire.

Hey visitors, it’s me! I hope you like this I put a lot of effort in this. I only have one question for you. If you would pick a word what word would it be?


Top Ten Disney World Rides

Here are my top ten list of Disney rides. I was in a Disney mood so why not do rides?


  1. Splash Mountain

This ride is so much fun. You get wet,you have a story and you get to drop 50 feet down.


  1. Peter Pan

This is my favorite classic ride. Also, Peter Pan is one of my favorite Disney movies.


  1. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo is my favorite character, he is so cute and I love his little hat on top of his head. But getting to fly on Dumbo is an honor.


  1. Toy Story Mania

I love this game because I get to spend time and have fun with my family.

  1. Rock’n Roller Coaster

This roller coaster has awesome music. The best part about this ride is the launch that it would make your head snap.


  1. Expedition Everest

This is an adventurous ride. It goes fast and you get to go backwards! The yeti in the rollar coaster looks real.


  1. Space Mountain

This isn’t the fastest ride but it sure feels like it! In the dark   and the lights are so much fun yuo would think you’re going 50 miles per hour.


  1. Kali River Rapids

This ride makes you soak and wet! you get to spin around and you get to get through twist and turns.


  1. Tea Cups

You get to go around an around in your favorite teacup an trying to fit all of your family members in one teacup to share the fun together.


  1. Soarin’

You get to fly in the air looking at wonderful landmarks. It actually feels like your flying!

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